Community Participation

AWAAZ SAN ANTONIO in partnership with TEXAS RIO GRANDE LEGAL AID (TRLA) Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, Inc. Victim Rights Group Coordinator & Legal Alliance for Survivors of Abuse ******************************************************************************************************** Our partners at the Texas RioGrande Legal Aid( TRLA) sent us the following information. If you or anyone you know needs assistance with any of the issues listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us- we’ll connect you to TRLA immediately. “Please know that TRLA is here to help Awaaz clients who were affected by the winter storm and its aftermath – including help applying for FEMA assistance and with any consumer protection issues, for those who may be scammed by disaster opportunists. We know that victims of violence are already vulnerable and that they are deeply impacted by natural disasters. Please know that if your clients need legal assistance, even if it is not directly related to their victimization, that we can still help; we know that the lasting impacts of natural disasters may keep victims in an unsafe relationship or exacerbate the violence”.

COMMUNITY EVENTS                                            

When we created Awaaz San Antonio 9 years ago, we knew that we will need the community’s whole hearted support to be successful in our mission. Every year we have been becoming more convinced of the importance of community involvement in achieving our goals. Heartfelt thanks to the following organizations for promoting our mission with Awaaz video presentations and information at their events this year. They also showcased a Bharat Natyam dance depicting Domestic violence and empowerment of women choreographed by the Aarthi School of dance.

1) India Association of San Antonio. Special thanks to Usha Uvalu, Santanu Das and the Diwali team.                              

 2) Diwali SA – special thanks to Kausi Subramanium, DiwaliSA team and the City of San Antonio.            

3) San Antonio Bengali Cultural Community – special thanks to   Avanti, Sanjay Sen and Jayanta.                                                                   

 4) San Antonio Maharashtra Mandal – special thanks to Vithalbhai Kulkarni and team.  

 5)  San Antonio Tamil Sangam – special thanks to Karthikeyan                                         

6) Aarthi School of Indian Dance and their talented students, Anjali and Niya                      


CREEF (Community Responsibility Endowment Fund)Awaaz was proud and humbled to receive two grants last month. The CREEF (Community Responsibility Endowment Fund) grant administered by the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio, TX, will expand the training of training volunteers. The volunteers will advocate within the community with information on recognizing domestic violence, and centers where victims can reach out for help. The training includes attending training courses offered by the San Antonio Police Department.   

Alice Kleberg Foundation grant
The Alice Kleberg Foundation grant will facilitate the expansion of various services provided by Awaaz. In particular, the confidential helpline, cultural education and outreach by advertising can reach out to the community by their presence on social media.  It also increases the ability to assist victims of domestic violence with counseling and legal services.