Survivors of family violence are afraid to leave their abusers because of their Immigrations status. They are too afraid to call the police or go to court to get help due to increased fear of deportation, retaliation by their abusers, and separation from their children. Perpetrators often exploit their victims’ lack of immigration status as a tactic of abuse, maintaining power and control by reinforcing fears of deportation. 
AWAAZ serves the culture specific and immigration needs of South Asians by referring them to low cost or pro-bono resources in San Antonio and surrounding areas

**Contact Information:
Asian-Pacific Institute on Gender Based Violence: Grace Huang,
ASISTA Immigration Assistance: Cecelia Friedman Levin,
Casa de Esperanza: National Latin@ Network: Rosie Hidalgo,
National Alliance to End Sexual Violence: Terri Poore, terri@endsexualviolence.orgNational
 National Network to End Domestic Violence: Monica McLaughlin,
Tahirih Justice Center: Archi Pyati,

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** Excerpt from MAY 2019 FINDINGS Immigrant Survivors Fear Reporting Violence –