Awaaz is a grassroots non-profit organization for South Asians affected by domestic violence. Not only do we focus on helping and empowering those affected by domestic violence, we also educate the general public
about it and it’s far reaching ramifications. Our aim is to have a community free of violence and to promote peaceful, healthy relationships Awaaz offers the following free services:

Confidential Helpline:

Awaaz offers confidential peer support via our helpline. Our helpline number is 210-446-6464.  All calls not directly answered are linked to a confidential voicemail. Messages  are  returned by Awaaz  advocates within 24 hours. Awaaz advocates currently speak: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu,Kannada,Urdu and Oriya. For emergencies, call 911.

Confidential Referrals:

Awaaz provides clients with referrals to appropriate agencies and professionals for assistance with  legal matters,  medical services, emergency shelter, as well as marriage, family, and group counseling.

Cultural Education:

Awaaz advocates work with multiple local agencies in San Antonio to better serve the unique needs of South Asian families affected by family violence. By providing culture specific education, we aid in advocating for more comprehendsive care for South Asians.

Community Outreach:

Awaaz advocates provide educational materials, conduct workshops, and participate in panel discussions to promote healthy relationship and awareness of family violence within the local community.

To educate and empower South Asians in crisis so that they confront their problems and feel comfortable accessing existing services.
To provide peer support, information and advocacy to our clients to help them make an informed choice of the lives they lead.
To reduce the incidence of family violence in the South Asian community by providing education to all on issues of family violence in community forums and discussions.