Reach Out

  • Please reach out to us to find out how you can help Awaaz. Awaaz is an all volunteer based community service organization. We cannot be effective without the wholehearted effort of every community member. Help us help your community.
  • Listen. Offer Support. Educate. Break the Silence.


  1. Capacity building:
    • Compile list “resources” for Awaaz –contacts
    • Build Relationships with mainstream Domestic Violence prevention organizations and establish connections and resources for Awaaz and our clients
    • Help with volunteer recruitment, coordination and training. Maintain a volunteer list. Update
    • volunteers on Awaaz activities and help required.
    • Join our leadership team and/or find us skilled people to lead and sustain Awaaz effectively
    • Build Relationships with other organizations
    • Volunteer coordinator and volunteer training
    • Grant options/ application
  2. Outreach:
    • Universities and Colleges outreach
    • Community events Booth and tables
    • Fundraising- host an event/party
    • Community organizations , Religious, Mainstream Agency
  3. Provide Professional Resources:
    • Pro bono counseling, legal, & medical services
    • Writing Grants, newsletter, Blogs
    • Housing assistance (hotel, apartment)
    • Computer training
    • English tutoring Text conversion of forms into South Asian languages
    • If you can help us with one of the above or something else, it’ll go a long way to help someone in need. Help us Break the Silence.
    • Be the catalyst for change to happen! Sitting in silence does not promote healthy change